12Trader Review 2017


12Trader is an online forex and CFD trading platform that was founded recently and established by a group of international financial experts. Their objective was to try and provide their clients with the best possible service relating to CFDs and forex trading. To achieve their objective, 12Trader is committed to operating with transparency and fostering credibility among their clients. 12Trader also offer their clients a wide range of services and products ensuring that their clients can trade in one of the best trading environments available. Using the state of the art technology, 12Trader’s clients can be assured of staying on top of their trading activities.

Trading Platforms

To ensure that their traders are able to conduct their trading activities without any hassles or problems, 12Trader uses the advanced web based SIRIX powered trading platform. The beauty of this trading platform is the fact that no download or software installation is required in order for the trading platform to work. The platform comes with a charting package and a wide range of technical indicators that enable traders to stay updated with all the developments in the market. For the convenience of traders, the trading platform also supports one click trading.

For beginner traders who are unfamiliar with the markets, they can make use of the social trading feature on the platform to help them shorten their learning curve. Traders who wish to trade on the go can also do so with their mobile devices and smartphones by downloading the mobile trading apps from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Account Types

4 types of trading are available at 12Trader.com. They consist of:

Micro Standard Account

  • Minimum deposit of $50
  • Leverage Ratio 1:200
  • Available in USD

Silver Account

  • Minimum Deposit of $10,000
  • Leverage Ratio 1:200, 1:300 & 1: 400
  • Available in USD and EUR
  • Dealing Desk Service Provided
  • Account Manager

Gold Account

  • Minimum Deposit of $25,000
  • Leverage Ratio 1:200, 1:300 & 1: 400
  • Available in USD and EUR
  • Dealing Desk Service Provided
  • Account Manager

Exclusive Account

  • By Invitation Only Minimum Deposit of $100,000


Unique Features of This Broker. 12trader Review Highlights!!

When you signup to trade with 12trader broker these are some of the feature reviews that you will enjoy on the website.

Level 8 Tool

The level 8 tool is an advanced and very convenient tool which allows you to trade on the 12trader website without having to download any software. It Is just a matter of filling in details and then go ahead to trade on the website itself. This saves time and makes the process really easy. For people who worry about storage space on their PC, there is no reason for that since you do no have to install anything.

Demo and live trading

For clients who are not used to trading in forex and would like to try without losing money, or you may be scared of a 12Trader scam, our review observed that there is a demo mode so that you see how it works and can be convinced that it is genuine before you start trading live and making real money.

Forex Education

On the 12Trader Forex Broker website, they offer you education that can teach anyone how to use the trading system. Even for someone who knows completely nothing about forex trading, this feature will turn them into a knowledgeable client. They give information right from the basics like answering the question, “what is forex?” and then advance to courses which even experienced traders will find useful with highly regarded individuals in the world of forex trading taking part in teaching and giving information about advancements in the forex trade to help people perform even better and make more money.

Varied Products

The 12Trader Forex Broker has a wide range of products that you can trade in, these include the common currencies, stocks, gold, oil as well as CFD and more. Many people choose to trade in currencies and gold but a number are also learning that they can make just as much money trading in other products thus our review observes that 12Trader provides a variety of products to suit different demand.

Customer Support

When doing research for this 12Trader review to find out for any possible scam , we discovered that at any time, you can get in touch with customer support and there will always be someone on hand to answer your queries. There are 3 different ways you can get in touch which include live chat, email, and phone call .

Free Signals

Trading with 12Trader is so much easier and cheaper as you get free signals and you can get to know when to place a trade and most of the time they are right on the money.

4 Account types

What our 12Trader review finds really positive is that 12 Trader Forex Broker can accommodate just about any type of trader with its different choices of accounts. For people who may not have a lot of money to invest, there is the Micro standard account with a minimum investment of 50 dollars then there is the silver with minimum of 10,000 dollars, the gold account with 25,000 dollars as minimum and then the Exclusive account that is by invitation only and the minimum deposit is 100,000 dollars. Naturally the more you deposit, the higher the rewards.

Commission & Spreads

No information on the spreads and commissions are currently listed on 12Trader’s website. For more information about the available spreads, please contact 12Trader’s customer support.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposits and withdrawal options are a sign that 12Trader Forex Broker is interested in pleasing their clients, they have all the common online payment options available. There are more than 9 ways you can carry out deposits or withdrawals on the website and all of them are secured to ensure there is no theft of your money or personal data

Making a deposit would have to be between 50 dollars and 10,000 dollars and withdrawal is a minimum of 500 dollars and maximum of 10,0000 per day. There are registration guidelines on the 12Trader website that need to be followed before you can begin making deposits or withdrawals.

Bonus and Promotions

Our 12Trader review observed that this Broker offers partnerships and affiliate programs that can benefit their customers for example by referring a friend to start trading on the website, you stand to gain a reward from 12Trader. You can also be an affiliate and earn extra income without having to actually trade. This is more suited for advertisers. That is not a scam for sure.

Beginner Support

For beginners, even before you choose a 12Trader broker to help you, you can benefit from the forex education provided on the website. There is also the demo trading option that gives you a chance to review and practice before you dive into the deep waters. Aside from that, there are experienced brokers who are always on hand to hold your hand as you get used to the trading world you are able to contact them through live chat, telephone or email and they respond promptly.


Is 12trader Forex Broker A Scam ?

This is a question just about everyone would ask before they provide their personal information and money to any online trading site. We have carried out detailed review on this broker and this is what we have noted.

– The signals provided seem genuine

– We were able to actually carry out trades on the site and make money

– The 12Trader  customer support genuinely helps you and on phone, you speak to actual people which is unlikely for a scam

– Complaints are dealt with and concerns are addressed

All things considered, it is evident that this is not a scam and you can actually trust 12 Trader Forex Broker


12Trader.com is a forex and CFD trading brand that is managed and owned by Safe Side Trading Ltd. They are based in the Commonwealth of Dominica but maintain an operational center in London at #35-37, Ludgate Hill, London, E1 0HX. As this broker is currently unregulated, in order to gauge if this new established broker is reliable and capable of delivering the services and products listed on its website, we must take a closer look at the trading platforms that they have as well as the quality of their customer support.

Since the trading platform is the foundation of all brokerage firms operations, we need to see if the platform which 12Trader has provided to traders is up to the task of delivering a seamless trading experience to its user.  The main trading platform which 12Trader has provided to their traders is the web based SIRIX trading platform. This trading platform was developed and launched in 2014 by Leverate, an IT solutions provider for forex brokers. Currently more than a hundred forex brokers are using this trading platform meaning the platform is accepted as dependable platform by the industry.

Compatible with all modern day web browsers, the SIRIX lets you trade the markets directly through the internet without the need to download any software. With its user friendly navigation interface, the platform can be operated without any training required. It also supports one click trading making trade execution with the platform extremely fast and efficient. But the most attractive feature about the SIRIX trading platform is the fact that it supports social trading. This feature is truly appreciated by beginner traders as they can emulate the footsteps of the more experienced peers in real time. Also, the trading platform is available as a mobile trading app from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This app is a useful tool as it let you keep track of developments in the market regardless of where you are physically.

To help ensure thing goes smoothly for their traders, 12Trader has provided a support team which is available on call 24/5 through email, live chat or the telephone. There is nothing more irritating and frustrating for a trader when he cannot get assistance when it is needed most. This is why at 12Trader they have gone to the extent to make sure the support team is reachable at all times during the trading week.

From what we have observed, our opinion is that 12Trader is a reliable broker capable of delivering the services that it promises and we can only hope that the firm seeks to become regulated soon.


  • Advanced Sirix Based Trading Platform
  • Social Trading Supported
  • Wide Range of Trading Assets
  • 4 different choices of trading accounts
  • Comprehensive Educational Library and Free Courses
  • Free Signals


  • Lack of information on trading conditions
  • Unregulated Broker
  • No Multi-Lingual Telephone Support

The 12Trader Review Conclusion

We have no reason to doubt of any scam from our 12Trader review since the user experience is quite good though it would be good if there were telephone operators who spoke other languages for clients who cannot speak English. It is also unsettling having a site with unregulated brokers. That aside, this is a forex broker that we would recommend to traders. Hope our 12Trader review will help you in selecting the best broker.


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