Caesartrade No Deposit Bonus 2018

caesartrade no deposit bonus 2018 is a brand name of caesartrade. Since 2012 they are providing forex trading service among thousands of traders. Clearly, they have mentioned on their website that caesartrade is not a regulated broker. In that case it is not wise to invest on live account to trade with them but there is no issue to try their no deposit bonus service while you do not have to invest any money from your own to try their services and products. Using No Deposit Bonus is good for all types of traders to try their trading strategies and improve their trading skills. Right now  caesartrade is offering up to $100,000 bonus upon registration and activating a new live forex trading account with them. In order to active your live trading account and receiving no deposit bonus you have to pay a account activation fee.

Get Your Free Bonus Today

Applicable: No Deposit is applicable for all newly registered traders

Bonus available: This without deposit bonus is available till 31st, December 2018.

Terms & Conditions of Free Bonus

  1. You can choose between 1000 and 100000
  2. You can use this offer multiple times and is valid for new and existing clients.
  3. There is a service fee that must be paid before we issue you the credit
    1. $1000 bonus = 5.98 service fee (best value)
    2. $5000 bonus = 250.00 service fee
    3. $10000 bonus = 500.00 service fee
    4. $50000 bonus = 2500.00 service fee
    5. $100000 bonus = 5000.00 service fee
  4. When you make a deposit that matches the amount of the bonus issued, you can either apply the service fee into your trading account, or have it refunded.  
  5. Verification documents are required to have funds issued
  6. For every $1 of bonus issued, requires 50,000 of volume to be traded (0.50) before bonus (not profits) can be claimed.  All volume of the bonus must be traded
  7. The bonus expires in 3 months.  When you make a matching deposit, the bonus will expire in 4 months.
  8. We require that the matching deposit be in a regular account 
  9. You can request a withdrawal of 1% of your profits at anytime  and trade with this amount if the terms of #10 are not met.
  10. For a withdrawal to your bank account, or other payment solution, without a matching deposit, you need to make a specific amount of profits
    1. $1000 bonus = $10,000 in profits
    2. $5000 bonus = $25,000 in profits
    3. $10,000 bonus = $50,000 in profits
    4. $50,000 bonus = $250,000 in profits
    5. $100,000 bonus = $5,000,000 in profits
  11. For a withdrawal of your account when you make a matching deposit, there are no required amount of profit which provides you an effective way of beginning to trade with a discounted price
  12. A withdrawal cancels the No Deposit Bonus
  13. Negative balance protection.  Traders are not responsible for any negative balance in their account.
  14. We reserve the right to cancel bonus and/or profits for any reason


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