Liteforex Non Stop Deposit Bonus

liteforex non stop deposit bonus

Forex Bonus for All New LiteForex Clients – Get Forex 30+15% Bonus on Each Deposit

Liteforex announced new promotional bonus on your first deposit. They called it Non-Stop Deposit bonus. Non Stop bonus, because you will receive 30% bonus if you make your first deposit within 24 hour from the moment you open a live trading account with liteforex broker. Besides 30% First Deposit Bonus you will be a part of 15% redeposit bonus. which means, in future whenever you will make deposit with liteforex trading broker you will receive 15% bonus on top of your deposit amount. The bonus acts as an additional margin when trading and increases your trading with this Forex deposit bonus. you will be eligible to withdraw this bonus, if you can complete the bonus requirements.

  • Please remember, duiring registering a live account you have to use promo code NonStopBonus
  • Minimum required amount is $100 to be eligible for the NonStopBonus.

The calculation example is given below:

Deposit amount ($)Bonus amount (%)Bonus amount ($)30% lots of the bonus amount*
10015 %$154,5
50015 %$7522,5
100030 %$30090
500030 %$1500450
1000030 %$3000900

It must be noted that:

  • * When counting the total volume of transactions with CFDs NYSE on shares, the volume is multiplied by 0.1.
  • ** The volume is 100 times more for Cent accounts.
  • *** Only the trades conducted by use of the client’s own funds with the deduction of credit funds will be considered when adding bonus funds to balance funds.

Bonus Promotion End : December 31, 2017

Bonus is available for: New Registered Traders

How to Apply for Liteforex Non-Stop Deposit Bonus?

  • Open a new live trading account using promo code
  • Send your documents and get verified
  • Deposit Minimum $100
  • Contact support team for your bonus before you start trading

Special Note: Bonus Service available only for clients of LiteForex Investments Limited (Marshall Islands). As you know liteforex broker has CySEC licensed account too. But this bonus does not apply for the clients who will open an account uner CySEC registered trading account.

Terms & Conditions for NonStop Liteforex Bonus

  1. Promo-code for getting a bonus: NonStopBonus
  2. The promo code can be activated once a deposit of at least $100 has been made. To activate the promo code, enter it in the corresponding field when making a deposit.
  3. The promo-code is valid only for the trading account on which it has been activated. Each client may activate the promo-code on each of his/her trading accounts when making a relevant deposit.
  4. CENT, CLASSIC accounts may partake in the “Non-stop Bonus” promotion.
  5. A bonus of 30% of each deposit over $100 made in the first 24 hours after the account has been opened will be paid into this account.
  6. A bonus of 15% of each deposit over $100 made after the expiration of the first 24 hours after the account has been opened will be paid into this account.
  7. The accounts opened via the Pips Back system and ECN accounts may not participate in this promotion.
  8. A trading account may participate only in one of LiteForex’s promotion categories.
  9. Partner’s remuneration (commission) will not be paid for the transactions whose volume is made up of bonus funds.
  10. The bonus will not be credited for transfers between client’s trading accounts.
  11. When a client withdraws his own money from his account or makes a transfer to another account, the bonus amount is reduced in proportion to the account balance. LiteForex has the right to take away bonus funds if the client withdraws his own funds or a part of them from his account.
  12. Any profit made when investing bonus funds may be immediately withdrawn from the account.
  13. The bonus is valid for 3 months from the date of bonus payment. Bonus funds deposited in your trading account may be used in trading or withdrawn from the account within this period. The bonus will be cancelled after the expiration of the above period.

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