NordFX Review 2017

NordFX review

NordFX Review

NordFX is a brand name of NFX Capital Ltd. NFX capital ltd is registered in Mauritius. Their registered domain name in Mauritius is NordFX established in 2008 as an online brokerage firm that is owned and managed by NFX Capital Ltd. By the way, NordFX has two registered domains, which are:

  2. is registered and regulated by The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission as NFX Capital Ltd (Mauritius) under the license number C108006311.

And is registered and regulated by Τhe Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (“CySEC”) as NFX Capital CY Ltd (Cyprus) under license number 209/13. NordFX CY complies fully with the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) as adopted by Law 144(I)/2007.

They offer online trading services for a wide variety of financial instruments including binary options. They also offer their traders quick access to the markets with the most updated trading software. Traders at NordFX have several selections of trading platforms which they can use to trade the markets with.

Trading Platforms They Are Offering for Traders

NordFX offers a wide range of financial instrument for traders. Traders needs a platform to carry out their trading on online. As a trader we need secure, fast, reliable and real time executable platform. To ensure reliable and real-time trading activities NordFX has two different platforms with many features and advantages for their traders. But if you are registered with (Cyprus) then you have to trade with only using mt4 platform. NordFX does not provide MT5 for the traders who has registered

NordFX MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular platform for online trading currently. Due to a large number of graphical tools and integrated indicators, one can conduct technical analysis in real time with ease by simply watching exchange rates and efficiently collecting important data. Order execution is under a second, which allows for a quick response to events and making timely decisions. Different types of orders permit to implement any trading strategy.

Key advantages of the platform:

  • Superior security of trading operations;
  • Use of various time intervals for trading;
  • Different types of execution – Instant Execution and Market Execution;
  • Possibility to create and test one’s own indicators and scripts;
  • Effective tools for technical analysis in real time;
  • Possibility to have news feeds from various information agencies. Currently MT4 offers a news feed from world-famous agency Dow Jones.

NordFX MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader5 is a revolutionary trading platform. In 2010 MetaTrader corporation introduced mt5 platform to the forex industries with advanced multi trading facility with one click open and close positions. MetaTrader 5 has gained huge popularity and recognition among traders across the world.

Key advantages of the platform:

  • Instant Execution and 5 types of orders;
  • 21 timeframes for trading with different intervals;
  • 38 built-in indicators, 39 graphical objects and many MQL5 indicators for technical analysis of high accuracy;
  • Possibility to have news feeds from various information agencies;
  • MQL5 development environment, including MetaEditor 5, MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester, MetaQuotes Language 5.

Besides mt4/mt5 desktop version you can install and enjoy trading on your android phone, iPhone and iPad as well. NordFX offer a special trading platform for their option traders. This platform is powered by SpotOption.

Finally, for professional traders who manage trading accounts on behalf of other traders, NordFX has made the job easier with the provision of the MT4 MultiTerminal trading platform. With the MultiTerminal, a trader can control several trading accounts simultaneously.

Account Types

We already know that Nordfx has two different registered and regulated domains under two different regulation authorities. One ( is registered and regulated by VANUATU, another ( is registered and regulated by CySEC – Cyprus Securities and Exchange. Both are the property of NFX Capital Ltd.

If you are interested to sign up and trader with high leverage, low spreads then you can sign up using (VANUATU). There are 6 different types of trading account at to registered with. They consist of: Trading Account Types

Micro Account Features and Benefits

  • $5 Minimal Deposit
  • Suitable for the novice
  • Max Leverage 1:500
  • Fixed Spreads starts from 2.0
  • Automated Trading allowed
  • Max 100 positions or pending orders you can open.
  • Min lot 0.01
  • Margin call at 40%
  • Stop out at 20%

Account 1:1000 Features and Benefits

  • Start trading with min $5
  • Highest leverage 1:1000
  • Spreads are fix, starts from 3.0 pip
  • You can trade on 20 different currency pairs
  • Min lot size 0.01
  • Automated Trading allowed
  • Max 100 positions or pending orders you can open.
  • Margin call at 40%
  • Stop out at 20%

MT- ECN Account Features and Benefits

  • $1,000 Minimal Deposit
  • Floating spreads starts from 0 pips
  • Leverage Ratio: 1:100
  • 25 different currency pairs with oil, silver and gold
  • 5 digits quote
  • No Stop/limit and freezing levels
  • Automated trading is allowed
  • Margin call at 100%
  • Stop out level at 50%
  • Min lot size 0.1
  • Designed for the cost conscience and experienced trader
  • $5 Commission for the turnover under 899 lots/month
  • $3.5 Commission for the turnover above 900 lots/month

Standard Account Features and Benefits

  • Minimal Deposit $50
  • Leverage Ratio: 1:200
  • Floating Spreads start from 1.0 pip
  • Suitable for Experienced Traders
  • Unlimited open positions and pending orders

Standard MT5 Account Features and Benefits

  • Required Minimum $50 Deposit
  • Leverage Ratio: 1:200
  • Floating Spreads starts from 1.0 pips
  • Designed for real time Quality Quotes and Fast Execution
  • 35 instruments to trade, including gold and silver

Premium Account Features and Benefits

  • $50,000 Minimal Deposit
  • One to one support
  • A debit card will be given as gift
  • Decreased and customized spreads for currency trading
  • Suitable for experienced and professional traders, whose are looking for personalized service Trading Account

If you want to open a trading account under CySEC regulation to in safe side as a trader. Then you must know that offers only mt4 platform and one single trading account for their traders.

Features and benefits of CySEC Regulate Trading Account

  • MetaTrader 4 Desktop & Mobile Trading platform
  • Floating spreads starts from 1.2 pips
  • You can enjoy 41+ trading instrument for live trading
  • You can choose leverage from 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, 1:500
  • Instant market execution
  • You can start trading with min $5 (though they mentioned on their website that min deposit requirement is zero)
  • Margin call at 60%
  • Stop out at 40%

Commission & Spreads

  • Fixed spreads start from 2 pips for micro account
  • Floating spreads start from 0 pips for MT-ECN Account


  • NordFX provides up to $5 commission for MT-ECN account traders

NordFX Partnership Program

NordFX divided their partnership program into two different categories. You can earn up to 80% of spread revenue as a nordfx partner.

  • Introducing Broker
  • Web Affiliate

How Reliable and Trustworthy is NordFX?

In terms of reliability and trustworthiness, every trader searches a broker with awesome customer service, fund security, best trading execution time, average spreads, min deposit requirements, promotional offers, attractive competitions and so on. Most important fact is broker regulation.

NordFX has two different regulation from two different countries. As we have mentioned earlier that NordFX has two different registered domains for different types of traders. Both domains are regulated by different regulatory authority. one regulation is widely accepted and trusted by all kind of traders but on the other hand second regulation is not quite trusted by traders.

If you want to trade with minimum deposit and enjoy max leverage then you can sign up using But is regulated by VANUATU which is not so trusted. So, if you deposit to trade with and lose your asset for any sudden unknown reason you cannot claim your money. Because NordFX is regulated by VANUATU.

But on the other hand, if you use to register and trade with NordFX then you will be in safe side. Because is regulated by CySEC and NordFX cannot steal your money. Even if you lose your asset you can claim your money back with appropriate evidence.

Now it Is all up to you, where you are going to sign up and trade.

To support their clients who are trading binary options, NordFx has provided the latest binary options trading platform from SpotOption. This platform is the most widely adopted trading platform in the entire binary options trading industry and is packed with numerous advanced trading tools as well.

But even with reliable and popular trading platforms, a broker is only as good as its customer support service. We say this because the customer support team represents the ‘face’ of the broker and if the support staffs are unable to provide a good service, then the impression that they leave with the clients will be a negative one. NordFX recognizes the importance of the role that the customer support teams play which is why the broker has made considerable efforts to provide a top-notch support service. NordFX’s traders can rest assured that they will receive assistance whenever they need it as the support team readily available through email, live chat, web contact or the telephone. In addition, there is also localized support for traders in countries such as Brazil, China, the Russian Federation and many more languages. At the end of the day, the key thing which traders have to know is the fact that the reliability of a broker is not dependent upon its location but rather what the broker offers and is capable of delivering.

Customer Support

To access the customer support service at NFX, traders can contact the support team using email, live chat, web contact form and telephone. For the benefit of traders around the globe, localized telephone support is available in all of these languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Bengali.

Registered address in Cyprus:

14, Louki Akrita Street, Ayias Zonis, CY-3030 Limassol

  • Telephone: +357 25 55 81 11
  • Fax: +357 25 55 81 12
  • License Number: 209/13
  • Company Registration Number: 310384
  • Country: Cyprus
  • Approved Domains:

Registered address in VANUATU:



  • 6 types of trading accounts
  • Binary Options Trading Supported
  • Low Fixed and Floating Spreads
  • Reliable Trading Platforms
  • Reputable and Regulated Broker
  • Mobile Trading Available


  • No CFDs Trading


On the whole, we find NFX an exciting broker to trade with. They offer a good selection of instruments and their spreads are extremely competitive. We like that fact that they have up to half a dozen type of trading accounts for their traders to choose from and their support staffs are multi-lingual.


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