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Welcome Bonus – $100 free welcome No Deposit bonus powered by ForexChief. There is no better way to check company’s services and test the trading strategy chosen. You’ll get No Deposit Bonus Forex on your account automatically, no personal documents for verification required. All trading techniques and strategies are allowed.

Get $100 Free Welcome No Deposit Bonus

Ending Date: December 31, 2017

Offer is Applicable: New Trader

How to Apply:

  • Open a new account
  • Select the account number where the Welcome Bonus will be credited to
  • Scan your QR code using Welcome Bonus application.
  • Fulfill the required trading turnover and withdraw $100


1. For your convenience we created a complete video-tutorial, which explains in details the whole procedure of obtaining the Bonus.

2. For crediting a $100 Welcome Bonus, you are required to Open a Live Account MT4.DirectFX or MT4.Classic+. Please note, “cent” accounts are not allowed. Welcome Bonus can be credited only to standard account.

3. Then install on your mobile device the Welcome Bonus application from either the App Store or Google Play. Please note that the application works only with mobile devices based on the iOS or Android operating system.

4. Run the application and point move your mobile device camera at the QR code located in the Personal Area, section Welcome Bonus. If scanning is successful, the bonus will be credited automatically to the chosen trading account.

5. Please note that some mobile devices may be inappropriate for this application. The company shall not guarantee the crediting of the Welcome Bonus to the customer’s account, and may refuse this service without giving any reasons. By scanning the QR code, you accept this condition.

6. The Profit can be withdrawn only after trading turnover at the account achieved 10,000,000 USD. Trading turnover in USD of each order is equal to the total turnover under two transactions: transaction for opening an order and transaction for closing an order.


BUY 1 lot EURUSD (1 lot = 100,000 EUR) order opened at a price of 1.1257 and closed at 1.1283. Trading turnover in USDfor this order = (100,000 * 1.1257) + (100,000 * 1.1283) = 225,400 USD

SELL 5 lot USDJPY (1 lot = 100,000 USD) order opened at a price of 109.806 and closed at 109.352. Trading turnover in USD for this order = (500,000 * 1) + (500,000 * 1) = 1,000,000 USD

BUY 3.5 lot GBPUSD (1 lot = 100,000 GBP) order opened at a price of 1.2978 and closed at 1.2985. Trading turnover in USD for this order = (350,000 * 1.2978) + (350,000 * 1.2985) = 908,705 USD

7. Maximum Profit, which can be withdrawn after turnover conditions are met, is equal $100. Withdrawing the Profit for the first time, all the funds will be debited from the account, including the Bonus itself.


Trader closed 45 lots EURUSD, which means that trading turnover at the account achieved 10,000,000 USD. The balance of funds on the account after the turnover equals 250 USD. In this case, the trader will be able to withdraw only $100, the remaining amount of $ 150 will be canceled.

Trader closed 50 lots USDJPY, which means that trading turnover at the account achieved 10,000,000 USD. The balance of funds on the account after the turnover equals 50 USD. In this case, the trader will be able to withdraw $50 (that is the amount that does not exceed $100).

8. The Welcome Bonus has unlimited duration and can be cancelled only in case of violation of paragraph 9.

9. It is strictly prohibited to get the Welcome Bonus again by using a new registration! It is also prohibited to get the bonus if your relative or a close person has already received the bonus. In scanning the QR code, you agree to the right of the company to cancel the bonus and all profit obtained through the bonus at any time without giving any reasons.


  1. Hello! I liked this broker because it works honestly, without deceiving the trader. I had to deal with the fact that some companies are beginning to interfere with trading. There are no problems in ForexChief. The quality of trade is not different if you just opened an account or have long traded on their platform. Absolutely anyone can check my words, because now they give everyone a bonus without making a deposit. If you fulfill the conditions for the bonus, then they will give you the earned amount (up to $ 100).


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